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  • Main campus is located in Oakland CA (population 399,484), which is approximately 20 miles from San Francisco (population 2012 approximately 825,863)
  • SUM is also present in 30 other additional cohort locations. 27 cohorts are within the USA (see and 3 international cohorts outside the USA (Chennai, India; Lahore, Pakistan; and Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines).


  • Approximately 370 full-time students
  • About 20% of SUM students live on campus at Oakland.

Student Body Diversity

  • Diverse student population:  (Approximately 24% African American, 40% Caucasian, 19% Hispanic, 13% Pacific Islander, 1% Asian, 8% Other nationalities.
  • SUM upholds the scriptural truth that Jesus Christ came to establish a ministry of reconciliation. We are committed to the ministry of mending the brokenhearted and living in unity and equality. We embrace students of many different cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds. For information about the diversity of the college and seminary student body, go to, and look up our institution, under Final Release Data: “SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary", Oakland, CA.


  • SUM faculty members are experts in their fields of discipline, have sound biblical theology, and years of proven ministry experience. They also are committed to mentor students.
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 14:-to-1 (as of Fall 2014-15)

Costs and Financial Aid

  • SUM's cost of attendance for its B.A. Degree totals $26,985, with most theological institutions offering a comparable education at nearly twice the cost. SUM's tuition is among the most cost effective of all accredited private Bible colleges in America.
  • Qualified undergraduate students may apply for financial aid by filing FAFSA with SUM’s Financial Aid Office.
  • SUM’s Undergraduate program can be completed in 3 years, instead of the tradition pace of 4 years thereby saving students thousands of dollars. We desire that students graduate with little to no debt.
  • SUM’s Graduate programs are available at a flat rate annual fee of $6,000 . Full time Graduate students may avail themselves of a very affordable payment plan with the business office.


SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary is fully accredited with Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). SUM's accreditation reaffirmation has been extended through the year 2023.


Four Pillars of SUM’s ministerial training program:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Practical Ministry Training,
  • Personal Mentorship
  • Affordability

Underlying Philosophy of the SUM curriculum:  “Servant of All” (SOA) in alignment with the words of Jesus in Mark 10:44—ASV)  “and whosoever would be first among you, shall be servant of all”

Programs Offerings

·         Master of Divinity (90 Credits; 3 year program)

·         Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (with or without languages): (56 Credits; 2 year program)

·         Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (36 Credits; 2 year program)

·         Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (139 Credits; 3 year program) with the following concentrations:

·         Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies (90 Credits)

SUM’s Method of delivery of curriculum

·         Traditional Delivery in Oakland campus and in approved extension sites.

Traditional face-to-face instruction is 100% available at SUM’s Oakland campus. In approved extension sites, on ground instruction is available up to less than 49% of SUM’s Academic Courses (total of 19 courses).

·         Online Delivery for Cohorts within USA and abroad.

SUM Distance Education is synchronous and interactive. Students experience a live online class in which they and their instructors see and hear each other and directly interact in real time via web conferencing software. They attend these online classes in study groups which voluntarily meet at locations provided by ministries around the country, so that they experience a genuinely collaborative classroom experience with their peers. 

Community Outreach

·         Mardi Gras Outreach

All first and second-year students must participate in SUM’s annual Mardi Gras Outreach in New Orleans. For Overseas students, a national outreach event comparable to the annual Mardi Gras Outreach is developed for their country or region

·         Evangelistic Outreaches and Summer Missions

Each year SUM students across the nation participate in and host several evangelistic outreaches.  Students gain practical experience as they plan, organize, and strategize for each evangelistic event. 

Graduate Performance
Data available below


As an institution that participates in federal and state financial aid programs, the following consumer information is made available to all students at SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary in accordance with federal regulations in the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. Each topic listed gives a brief description of the information that must be disclosed and explains how it can be obtained.

Consumer Information  Last updated June 10, 2014



Interesting Fact: Over 86% of our graduates are in active ministry!

2011 Graduate Performance Report

2014 Bible Exit Exam Norms - How proficient are SUM graduates in understanding the Bible? Find out how we compare with other Bible colleges.

SUM is committed to recruit, train and send out men and women who have a passion to proclaim Jesus Christ to the cities of our world. We do this by offering an affordable theological education combining academic excellence, practical hands on ministry, and personal mentorship through our Servant of All program. Students that enroll into this program will receive their Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and have the option to select a concentration in church planting, global missions, pastoral ministry or youth ministry. Our holistic approach to raising up leaders develops their intellect, challenges their character and strengthens their hands for ministry. We believe this extensive training provides the necessary tools required to prepare this next generation of leaders.

There is a sense of urgency with this "millennial" generation. At SUM, their academic program as well as their call to ministry is happening at an accelerated rate. SUM prepares leaders to proclaim the gospel message that transcends time and is relevant to every person across the globe.

If you are looking for potential staff, would like to book our worship team for a service, or are interested in learning more about our college, please contact our at or 510.567.6174 for more details.


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